Classtap | Startup Deep Dives

To promote cultural awareness and bonding, every week, we asked one of the startups to deep dive into their culture by organizing a traditional lunch and to tell us more about their startup and journey. In the first week, Classtap, a local startup who are developing a digital solution to provide their users with access to any fitness classes at any gym with one membership, shared their story.

By Bashar Hudhud, CEO and Co-Founder of Classtap

Being the only local startup, we decided to introduce the other startups to a traditional Middle Eastern meal, which is seen across the region in different forms. Mandy costs of a full sheep served over rice with a side of tomato sauce that is traditionally poured over the rice and eaten with bare hands. Although, only two brave startups enjoyed it in its true form!

Classtap came about when my partner and I couldn’t stick to one workout routine and were jumping from one gym to another. We figured that workout is personal and so should your workout routine be, so we started Classtap!

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