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In the second week’s Deep Dive, Golee shared their Italian cuisine and told us more about their startup, which is developing a club management software platform to help football clubs digitize their daily operations and monitor their sports activities. 

By Tommaso Guerra, CEO and Co-Founder of Golee

We brought two dishes (as Italians in general a single meal is composed of at least two different dishes): Burrata Salad – burrata is a fresh cheese, similar to mozzarella, typical of some southern re-gions of Italy, such as Campania (Napoli), Puglia and Lazio (Rome)), and Tagliatelle Pasta – typical of the central/northern part of Italy such as Emilia Romagna, which is where I am from. There’s a story behind tagliatelle: it is actually a very heavy dish, but apparently in the US there is this belief that all Italian food is good for your health, and so when I was playing football in the US our coach brought us to eat tagliatelle just before the game. Of course we weren’t even able to run in the game.

As you can see, I’ve played football all my life: in Italy, in Spain, and in the US. The idea of starting Golee derives directly from my personal experience: when I was younger I used to play in the Top National Youth League, which is where academies of professional football clubs would play (such as Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, etc.). When I moved in the US, at 19, I discovered a completely different world: nevertheless the level of the athletes was lower than in Italy, there were so many things we didn’t have, such as articles on newspapers, interviews, highlights of the game, statis-tics, people at the stadium. The US built a system based upon transparency, meritocracy and in-novation. This is what I want to bring to this world, helping no professional football clubs to grow, digitising their daily activities, and exploiting all their assets.



Background: To promote cultural awareness and bonding, every week, we asked one of the startups to deep dive into their culture by organizing a traditional lunch and to tell us more about their startup and journey.

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