Lisbon – A City Facing the Future, Let’s Meet

Lisbon has one of the fastest growing startup communities in Europe. The city ranks among the five best performing startup ecosystems in Europe and as number 31 out of 127 on the Global Innovation Index. The Portuguese capital was recently nominated for the title of European Capital of Sports 2021. It is now using its vibrant community to support the next generation of sports entrepreneurs. In this segment, we take a closer look at what makes Lisbon one of Europe’s best cities to start a startup.

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What’s the Secret?

Even with the financial crisis of 2011 looming in rearview mirror you would be hard pressed to find a more forward facing city. The Lisbonian government has gone to great lengths to make sure that the city is welcoming towards foreign entrepreneurs.

In 2016 the governmental initiative, StartUP Portugal, was launched. Their objective is to support the national ecosystem, attract investors, and accelerate the growth of Portuguese startups in foreign markets. Under the initiative of StartUP Portugal, Lisbon has, as the first in Europe, instated unique Visa just for startups. Any entrepreneur from outside Europe can apply for a startup residence visa and become part of the city’s vibrant startup community.

On the level of education, the city is also firmly determined to establish itself as a global leader. The technical university, Instituto Superior Technico, is playing a major role in prepping the Lisboan youth for a future in tech. Furthermore, Escola de Comercio de Lisboa was also recently named as the most successful school for entrepreneurial learning by the Entrepreneurial School Awards.

Finally, if you are talking about the Lisboan startup ecosystem you have to talk about Web Summit. With nearly 60.000 participants, Web Summit presents an unparalleled celebration of entrepreneurship. It’s not for no reason that the summit has been named “The best technology conference on the planet” by Forbes.

Lisbon in Numbers

So what has all of this infrastructure and support amounted to? The strong focus on education is definitely paying off as Portugal today ranks 9th out of 60 for access to talent globally. A whopping 67% of Portuguese founders end up expanding their business beyond their national borders into the broader European market. 27% have reached North America while 9% have entered South America.

Among the Lisboan startups, 20% are within IT and Software Development. Another popular is is the bio-nano medical technology area which accounts for 9.5% of the Portuguese startups.

Portuguese SportsTech

At the center of the Lisboan SportsTech community, you find KICKUP Sports Innovation. The accelerator was founded in 2016 to support the next city’s growing interest in SportsTech. Through our research we have identified these five business models to be the most popular choices for Lisboan SportsTech Startups:

Performance Analysis – Startups within Performance Analysis develope video tools for analyzing athlete’s performance. In this field, you should keep an eye out for Videobserver, a team of sports lovers driven to bring customized technology to real sports people.

Training & Performance Enhancement – Within Training & Performance Enhancement you’ll find companies that use wearables to optimize training and performance. Among these are mOceanSense who has developed a system capable of acquiring 3D navigational data with scientific quality and precision.

Online Sports Platforms – Startups within this field offer social networking platforms for sports fans, coaches, and sportsmen. With InstaSports you can take photos with real-time football scores.

Team and Event Management – Startups within Team and Event Management include the Tietennis a platform where Tennis players can rate their progress, share their stats and compare with frequent opponents.

Real Stock Trading – TeamTicks is a fantasy sports stock exchange where you can buy and sell stocks representing sports clubs’ performance and financial health.

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