Qatar SportsTech Hackathon

Hacking the Sports Industry

With the World Cup 2022 and other major sporting events coming up, Doha is facing immense opportunities as a city. Developing a flourishing SportsTech ecosystem around the key events is one way of extending the impact way beyond the final whistle blows in the stadium.

We, the Qatar SportsTech team, are hosting our very first hackathon event as a call for innovation among the bright youth of Doha. This is the chance for hackers, hipsters, and hustlers to come together and make their mark in these early days of what might one day be considered the “Sports Valley” of the region and even the world.

How are we going to do it

To make up the hacker teams looking for, we are thinkers, hackers, marketeers, creatives, and visionaries with an entrepreneurial spark… if you can relate, then you’re it! Each team will consist of 2-4 members with skills spanning the full spectrum of entrepreneurship. Here are the main skills needed to form a team:

  • Hacker (Developer)
  • Hipster (Designer)
  • Hustler (Marketing/Sales)

The hackathon will kick off on the 28th of March at Workinton, the new co-working space in town. To give the hackers time to really develop their ideas, the hackathon will take place over 48 hours.

The QST team has prepared three challenges which cover the sports fans interaction both in and outside of the stadiums.

The 3 challenges

Sports Tourism

How can you provide a top quality experience for sports fans traveling to Doha?

In Stadium Experience

How can you provide a top quality experience for sports fans within the sports venues?

The Connected Fan

How can you provide digital and social connectivity for both at-home and in-stadium sports fans?

The Mentors

To help the hackers reach their full potential during the three days, Qatar SportsTech are bringing in mentors from their own cohort. During the event, the mentors will help the teams blast through their hurdles and finetune their ideas to shine by the time of evaluation.

The mentors

Paulo Oppermann
Entrepreneur in Residence @ Qatar SportsTech
Horse Analytics
Performance By P.U.R.E
Creative Bot
Stars League


The Judging Panel

To make it fun, challenging and fair, the team has brought in the most relevant organizations in Qatar to help evaluate and appraise the ideas of the hack teams.

The Jury Members

Ashan Mansour
Senior Legacy Manager
@Supreme Committee
Phil Graham-smith
Head of Biomechanics and Innovation
@Aspore Academy
Alain Valiquette
Head of Incubation
Koen Bosma
Program Director
@Qatar SportsTech


Apply now

If you are a creative mind eager to test your skills with likeminded entrepreneurs, this is your chance to make a dent. Read the full event description on Eventbrite and apply today.

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