TieSports: primary supplier for the PPF

We are thrilled to announce that TieSports, from Qatar SportsTech’s first acceleration cohort, recently landed a deal to become the prime software supplier for the Portuguese Padel Federation. The deal was signed by Ricardo da Silva Oliveria, the President of the National Federation, and by TieSports’ CEO, Diogo Mascarenhas. The deal will come into effect in January 2020.

TieSports provides a complete set of software tools for Racket Sports management and engagement. The Tie Player app enables racket sports players to schedule with coaches and clubs, book courts online, send match invitations to friends, and access all tournaments and results. Tie Club provides clubs and federations with all the tools needed to manage their business seamlessly. 

Learn more about TiesSports on their website and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

TieSports already dominates the Portuguese tennis market as the National supplier for the Portuguese Tennis Federation. With the recent deal, TieSports is taking on a new and emerging market with potential. In Portugal alone, there are now more than 100,000 players across the country. The number is growing annually by more than 65%. The number of clubs in Portugal has also seen drastic growth to more than 300 clubs today. 

Tiesports is an Advanced and Professional software to digitally transform all Sports Ecosystems

By providing the Tie Padel Software and the Tie Player Mobile App to all players and fans across the nation, TieSports expects to see even more growth in this already booming sport. This is, by no means, the endstation for TieSporats’ expansion; they are working towards closing similar deals with other federations in the near future.

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