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In the third week’s Deep Dive, SponixTech shared their Persian cuisine and told us more about their startup, which is developing an immersive broadcasting technology, which allows fans to watch a live game from the players’ perspectives.  

By Mohammad Ali Abbaspour, CEO and Founder, and Mohsen Rajabi, Business Development Director 

We provided two types of food. They are of the most common and popular dishes of Iran. The first one, Jujeh Kabab (literally means “grilled chick”) is an Iranian dish that consists of grilled chunks of chicken which are sometimes with bone and other times without bone. It is common to marinate the chunks in minced onion, lemon juice and saffron. The second one, Gheymeh, is beef and split pea stew, which is a very traditional with French potatoes that is served over either white rice or aromatic rice. The word Gheymeh, literally refers to any meat that is cut into cubes. Also, in some religious occasions such as Ashoora, some people prepare it in big amounts and distribute it for free among hundreds of people as a vow (Nazri).
Sponix Tech consists of a team so passionate about both sports and new technologies. That re-sults in unique solutions like Point of View and Digital Billboard Replacement. From the official launch of our PoV in September, UAE Pro League and Portugal Premiere League are using our tech. Also, deal with Italian Serie A and UEFA Champions League are finalized to apply our tech in their matches. We are trying to move forward with monetizing our products and developing new ones to become a leading player in sports technologies field.



Background: To promote cultural awareness and bonding, every week, we asked one of the startups to deep dive into their culture by organizing a traditional lunch and to tell us more about their startup and journey.

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