TorqLabs | Startup Deep Dives

In the ninth week’s Deep Dive, TorqLabs shared their American cuisine and told us more about their startup, which is developing smart leggings to help with athlete injury prevention and performance improvement.

By Julian Holtzman, CEO and Co-Founder, and John O’Connell, CTO and Co-Founder

We brought cheeseburger sliders, chicken wings, and salad. This is a commonly consumed meal that is shared among friends in our home state, Wisconsin. Wisconsin is an agricultural state, with rolling fields and picturesque farms dotting the countryside, interspersing our lush forests. Torq labs came about when we decided that the issue of athlete knee injuries could be solved by hacking together then current technology, but wasn’t being addressed. We decided, “why not create Torq Labs to solve this problem?” And have grown from there!


Background: To promote cultural awareness and bonding, every week, we asked one of the startups to deep dive into their culture by organizing a traditional lunch and to tell us more about their startup and journey.

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