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Doha, Qatar

About the Program

Qatar Sportstech is the leading accelerator program for innovative companies in the sports industry. It is an unparalleled platform for startups to proactively scale up their business and demonstrate their product to leading corporations, leading sporting events and the ever-growing sports community.

10 Sportstech companies will be selected for this intensive 3-month program that provides one-on-one mentorship from no less than 100 industry experts, personal office space in the Aspire Zone in Doha, seed funding and direct access to a highly international network of investors and corporate partners from all corners of the sports industry.

Qatar Development Bank has joined forces with the Aspire Zone FoundationMinistry of Economy and CommerceQatar Financial Centre and Startupbootcamp to fund the Qatar Sportstech Accelerator. These key partners provide expertise, exposure, APIs and unprecedented access to their network of industry professionals from around the world.

Let’s have a chat

We are always eager to get in touch with cool SportsTech entrepreneurs. If you want to have a chat, please schedule a meeting on our calendar:

Key Focus Areas

Sports equipment and performance enhancing clothing

Team performance and analytics

Performance analytics and usage of big data

Venue optimisation & management


Sports tourism

Fan experience and engagement incl through social media

Sports Culture

Sensors, IoT and wearables

Sports IoT, wearables and equipment

AI and machiones learning

Fan engagement and experience


Sports Medical

VR and AR


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Applications Open

October 3

Applications Close

December 15

Selection Days event

14, 15 & 16 January

Programme Starts

February 10

Startup Demo Day

May 1 - 2

Programme Ends

May 2

Incubation Option

Why join the program?

Full Access

  • Gain unparalleled access to the greatest events in sports


  • Learn all the fundamentals of scaling your business straight from the experts - from business model canvas, lean methodology to fundraising.

Corporate Partners

  • Connect directly with the leading corporates in your industry to discuss pilot projects, partnership opportunities and offering services.

Dedicated Support

  • Deep dive into this intense 3-month program designed especially for entrepreneurs ready to scale their industry-changing technology businesses.

Tailored Mentorship

  • Work side-by-side with over 100 carefully-selected mentors from the Sports, innovation and business industry, providing you with hands-on support and valuable introductions.

Office space

  • Settle into your own personal office space for the duration of the program, right at the heart of the Aspire Zone in Doha.

Living Expenses

  • Receive €15,000 in cash per team to cover living expenses during the program.

Perks & Discounts

  • Benefit from €300K+ in exclusive partner deals with leading technology providers such as Amazon, HubSpot, SendGrid and many others.

Alumni Growth Program

  • Expand your skills and your network long after the accelerator program through annual alumni-only events, custom deals and tailored introductions.

Industry Events

  • Be invited to take part in leading SportsTech conferences and events for exclusive opportunities.

Access to funds

  • Meet Qatar Development Bank fund and the most active VCs and angel Investors in your industry from around the world.

Demo Day

  • Celebrate your achievements during the program at the closing event with 400+ investors, corporates, mentors, press attendees and sport entities.


Sportstech is a fast-growing domain that is complex. The business activities are ranging from ticket sales, sponsorships, and merchandising to media rights and more. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the very best in the industry, to give our startups the full backup that they need! These individuals have made the industry into what it is today and they’re eager to embrace new technologies to take the world of sports to the next level!

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Are you passionate about innovation in the sports industry and empowering entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice? Your insight and experiences are invaluable for our startups. We’d love to talk with you about getting involved.

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Jordi Ferré


Sam Cooke

I  started out working in esports as a journalist covering the industry from a betting perspective for SBC News in 2015. Recognizing a potential opportunity and gap in the market, I co-founded and grew the business news site, media, and events company Esports Insider.

Since we launched ESI in the summer of 2016, it has grown into one of the leading industry news sites globally and has organized more esports business-focused events than any other company. Also under the company banner is the Esports Insider Hall of Fame, the ESI Trust, and the ESI Media arm too.

In the Position of Managing Director, I oversee the growth and direction of the company, as well as its day to day affairs.

We’re one of the top esports business news and media platforms worldwide, and we run a number of high-profile industry networking and educational events too. As such, we can offer a platform for them to promote themselves and what they offer to the right audiences. We have a strong network via which we can help to support the start-ups involved, and we can also offer guidance as to some of the dos and dont’s in the esports space.


Anthony McGuire

I am originally from New Zealand but have an international identity crisis–having lived, worked, and studied in eight different countries – New Zealand, Japan, Russia, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, the US, and the UK. After spending five years at Facebook (New York and London) managing global partnerships with clients including Procter & Gamble, Volkswagen, and Heineken, I left to co-found Frontier X, a company focused on blockchain, entertainment, and education. I was part of the founding team of TaTaTu, a blockchain entertainment company that raised $575 million in a token sale and am about to publish a book called Music On A Blockchain, which addresses how blockchain can help solve problems in the creative fields.

Considering that Qatar is hosting the upcoming World Cup, this program is well placed to emerge as an exciting global hub for sports technology. I look forward to meeting anyone with ambitious goals to harness technology in order to create new opportunities in sports and entertainment.

My background has given me strong experience in sales & marketing, company culture, and international business development. I hope to add value to any startups looking for advice in those areas, whether their area of focus is small businesses or large corporates.

Avoid conventional thinking, think as big as possible, and hold on tight to your optimism. Steve Jobs said “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”


Fouad El Fdil

I am Dutch, born in the city of Breda southwest Holland near Belgium. I studied sports and business management. My first job was with Adidas for two years and after that, I worked for 12 years at the Royal Dutch Football Federation in two different roles. I was an instructor, coach education and I was a strategic policy advisor. So, I was advising and consulting clubs, mostly board members but also, local authorities. Connecting them, helping them to develop the club, sometimes the entire club sometimes a specific subject like the academy or to improve accommodation. It was quite an interesting job for my personal and professional development. In 2012 I got an opportunity to start working in Qatar because of the world cup in 2022, with Aspire academy which plays a great central role in the planning of the world cup 2022. So, I had several meetings and interviews in Qatar and I decided to quit after 12 years and choose this adventure. So, I moved to Qatar for 5 and a half years now and it has been an amazing experience. Now, I am back to Holland working as an international football consultant for several projects.

My number one advice would be, make the pitch leading in what you develop. I see a lot of enthusiastic people, companies, and startups working on technologies. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and are quite convinced that they can develop something which will benefit sports on both short-term and long-term. I think it is important to work together with the people working on the pitch. I say pitch, but what I mean is the practical situation. It can be indoor or outdoor people who know what is happening. I take football as an example of coaches and assistant coaches. If you ask the right questions, it will give you valuable inputs in developing new technologies. Make sure that you gain these inputs. That you ask feedback regularly and that you work together with these people. This will lead to innovation, new technologies, and new concepts and the main objective, of course, to improve athletes and improve the game.


Orsola De Marco

Orsola is the Head of Startup Programmes at the Open Data Institute, where she leads a team that manages a range of startup and innovation programmes in the UK and internationally.

Additionally, she is a mentor in several startup accelerators and incubators where she helps early-stage startups on value proposition, product development, business models and pitching.

Orsola is a regular speaker at external events about data-driven accelerators, open innovation, empowering women in tech, as well as being part of judging panels for startup programmes.

Prior to her role at the Open Data Institute, she spent a number of years in the innovation sector, won a social enterprise award from UnLtd and co-founded a crowdsourcing and co-design platform that promotes civic engagement and collaborative urbanism.

In her spare time, she is part of several women-led networks for growing women’s leadership, in particular in tech and urbanism. She believes in using data and building great products to help solve real challenges.

She holds a BS in Economics and Management and an MA in Design Studies from Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London.


David Geddes

I spent a few years managing people as a hotelier while studying information systems at university. I gained a strong understanding of booking engines, property operations, and yield systems to optimize revenues.

My reputation with people and systems led me to the local chamber of commerce where I advocated for increasing lodging tax. Lodging tax is a major economic development resource fueled by big sporting events. For a period of time, I worked with small teams to build economic development programs around ecological and cultural resources across the Americas too.

Most of my family members have their own small businesses so being an entrepreneur was in my blood. I eventually decided to launch several startups. One of those startups sold custom software applications to professional motorsports teams which helped me build a global reputation for advanced technologies.

I learned a lot about sport and technology that is why my partners and I started the world’s first sports technology association. Today, I still dabble with my own small websites, technology consulting, and running the association.


Rajesh D’Souza


Stuart Brown

Like many other 80’s geeks – I was inspired by the 1983 smash hit film War Games, and have been drawn into the world of technology since.
In parallel, sport was instrumental in my family life which was ingrained in me since my childhood. My interests range from cycling, swimming, climbing, and athletics – where I was fortunate enough to compete as part of the British Triathlon Team in the early 2000s.
Fast forward to present day, I am the Founding Partner of Frontier X. Our focus is on incubating our own products with our thesis on Healthy Living and People Performance – cutting across wellness, healthcare, talent, and education. We have also verged outside of these verticals into specific product areas, such as our recent success with Blockchain-powered media company Tatatu.

Duncan Knight

Duncan is an entrepreneur, 2-time co-founder and business advisor. He
has worked for more than 25 years in the UK, Australia, Asia, and the US.

His primary business skills and experience includes sales and marketing,
operations and talent acquisition. Basically, getting stuff done.

Recently, Duncan spends his time helping entrepreneurs at Accelerators
such as Startupbootcamp, IoTA Wales, The Accelerator Network’s
Accelerator Academy & Cyber 101 and CRL’s Hardware Lab.

Duncan is also active with the Tech London Advocates Health Working
Group, where he manages the program that brings together HealthTech
entrepreneurs & mentors from Partnering, Regulatory, Funding, Business
Models and Growth backgrounds.

Duncan co-founded and managed 2 businesses for 15 years. Most
recently as the CEO & CTO of MyCognition, a disruptive HealthTech
startup. During this time, he developed MVP’s, worked in clinical trials to
help validate their products and sold into B2B enterprise clients, schools
and partners.

Previously, Duncan co-founded BizCarta Australia, an IT services
consulting firm, which specialised in working with blue-chip organisations.
Duncan developed BizCarta Australia from start-up through to sale.
BizCarta became the most successful business of its type in the region
and was the only tier 1 software partner with Lenovo in the world.

Duncan served on the board of the Sydney chapter of the Entrepreneurs
Organisation for 3 years and has been a technology advisor to a number
of companies involved in M&A activities.

More information on Duncan can be found at:

Duncan writes about sales, startup life and more at:


Victor Sánchez del Amo


David Braun

My name is David Braun, I’m a serial entrepreneur, primarily in the sports tech vertical. After my third company, I switched sides and started getting more involved on the enabler side. I joined SBC Digital Health as Entrepreneur in Residence in 2016 and from there, got more and more involved in various other accelerators and incubators, such as Google Launchpad, Lead Sports Accelerator, 360 Lab and a bung more. I then joined a Venture Capital fund, the Leann Family’s sports tech focussed fund, as Dealflow Manager for the European and Israeli Geographic regions. I have a Background in UI/UX Design, Product Management, and Electronic Engineering, and I also Lecture at the LCI Design University in Barcelona for their Master’s Program on Management in the Creative Industries.

Prior to kicking off my entrepreneurial journey in Europe, I was living in Africa for 10 years. My passion for adventure and sports has led to me having traveled all my life, visiting around 82 countries to date. Sports has always been an integral part of my life and I’ve tried almost every extreme sport that exists. I conquered Africa’s second highest mountain at age 8, have been hang gliding since age 16 (and won 1st place at the regional cup 3 years later), jumped out of a plane solo and got my AFF license a week later, and most recently started with kite surfing. I tend to add a new sport every couple of years to keep things interesting.

Mentoring is both about sharing knowledge and experience so that others don’t have to make the same mistake I did, as well as asking the right questions, so as to unlock the answers that are already residing within.

As to the first part, my area of expertise is in full-spectrum venture building and strategy, going from idea to funded company, having done that a couple of times myself, both as founder and funder. But also in any UI/UX and product management topics, as well as community building.

So again, it’s about sharing knowledge and experience, but also asking the right questions because I believe that everyone has the answers to everything within and that the problem always contains the solution.

The sportstech community is still relatively small, yet tight-knit, highly engaged and supportive. So my advice would be to make it a point to get as connected as possible within this vertical and you will be surprised at the abundance of opportunity you will stumble into. There is emerging sportstech media that would be happy to cover any exciting new project in the space, there is plenty of sportstech focused conferences and events popping up, always looking for speakers and interesting topics to present, just to mention a few.

So go out there and crush it! As Woody Allen once said, 80% of success is showing up.


Sergio Cervantes


Matthew Eisner


Trevor Smith

I have worked in the field of sports development for over thirty years, mostly based within the UK but on projects as far afield as South Africa, Kurdistan, Georgia, Zambia and most recently in Qatar. The focus on my work has been to support public sector organisations design, develop and implement policy, strategy and programmes to increase participation levels in sport and physical activity, as a tool to develop better health outcomes, better social outcomes and better sporting outcomes in terms of performance levels, education attainment levels and social cohesion. I have worked with national government departments in many countries to help them develop or implement a joined-up approach to sport and physical activity, embedding it within national strategic plans for education, health, and community development. This work has often been alongside such reputable organisations as UNICEF and the British Council. During the run-up to and immediately after the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games I helped develop and deliver three of the Games’ legacy programmes, all of which were designed to “inspire a generation” to choose sport for life. My current consultancy work in Qatar is to develop a space within the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum which will also inspire participation, by helping visitors to identify which sports and activities are best suited to them and where in Qatar they can go to take part in these activities.


Matt Stark

Matt’s an 18 yr tech exec who has delivered AI products for the World Cup, digital platforms for Audi and Visa, and campaigns for Netflix and the NFL.  He’s led divisions at Condé Nast, Razorfish, and R/GA and most recently, he’s the Sports and Entertainment Los Angeles solution lead for IBM’s iX, a team of specialists dedicated to exploring new customer experiences. Technology is enabling entirely new experiences and capabilities. Clients need partners who can challenge, inspire and deliver superlative work in a constantly evolving industry. Whether you’re an inventor, marketer or tech director, Matt is a confident and trusted partner.

Peter Lazou

For the last 25 years, I have been venture building and investing in early-stage startups and scale-ups, whilst also advising startups at various levels as well as mentoring across various accelerator and incubator programs. My passion is building new meaningful and enduring technology companies and over the years I have designed groundbreaking & award-winning technologies in FinTech, Automotive, IoT/Wearables, with three successful company exits.

I am genuinely passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in any way I can, creating stories that bring alive the power of tech startups and along my journey across 4 different continents, I have been privileged to have worked with some amazing and brilliant people. Joining Qatar SportTech as a mentor is a pleasure for me because it’s a sector I know extremely well from being involved in sports from a very young age but also as I have a very exciting tech startup in this space that will disrupt the status quo over time. However, it’s my collective experience and passion for building startups that excites me to be involved.

Technology is certainly impacting the world of sports and as mentioned before I have a tech startup in this space which is very exciting and will definitely disrupt the status quo over time. However the advances in technology have had a profound impact on sport such as analysis of sport performance and enabling coaches to greatly improve the quality of feedback to players/athletes, increasing accuracy in time measurements of sport performance, enabling referees, umpires and sport officials to make better decisions on rule infringements, improvements in the design of sport equipment and apparel as well as providing spectators with better viewing of sport performance. Sport is now a business with so much at stake!

Most and foremost is for them to know that I’m available at any time during their journey. They will definitely get to witness my passion, energy, and commitment for helping them get their ventures off the ground. My support will also be focused on helping them with understanding customer experience, design thinking, visual storytelling, the art of creative pitching, how to present themselves and understanding what investors really look for in founders, last but not least their vision meaning their future scalability.


Andrew McDonough


Bijan Martin

Currently Head of Business Development at Burda Bootcamp. Most of my education was UK based (University of Nottingham), I have a background in international relations and Mandarin

First job in risk management for currencies, after which I enrolled in Germany’s largest start-up incubator Rocket Internet as Global Venture Developer and accompanied two companies through high growth phases, at which I lead both the Marketing Team and Key Account Management Team (hiring, building up the team, scaling the product)

Qatar SportsTech has a fantastic array of companies, which I would love to stay in touch with and help out where I can

Passionate hobby athlete myself, a huge industry (holistic wellness industry is estimated at $4.2 trillion)

I can help out in the areas of Marketing and Sales


Motasem El bawab

I like to call myself a globetrotter, a techie and a sportsman aka #DigiMan. I moved from country to country in my youth which thought me English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and Spanish. I picked up a basketball at the age 6 while playing against my older brother Mazen, and my passion was cemented at 12 when I played three years at the Wehda Club in Tripoli, Libya. Later I pursued careers in both basketball and digital, including playing for the Flamengo Basketball Club in Rio de Janeiro and the junior Brazilian Basketball Team and graduating with honors from the John Molson School of Business. Currently, I am working as a digital manager for the International Basketball Federation, leading 4 development teams for web, mobile and IT architecture.

I am always fascinated by new startups and products, more specifically their ability to look at a problem and to find a vital solution for it. I believe that being part of the exciting world of Startups and new ventures are always thrilling. Not to mention the huge potential in sports technology fueled by the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar adds more edge to these startups to become game changers in each of their own respective sectors.

Being part of the Sports Technology throughout my entire career, I believe it is always great to be able to contribute indirectly or directly to the improvement of this sector. SportsTech has always been a driver to even other industries outside of the sports world to make a change in the world. Thus being part of this vertical is always great for me to see the evolution of the next big thing.

As a former athlete, and a 10+ years experience in sports and more specifically in technology, I believe I can be a pragmatic approach on the solutions provided and how they can be implemented in real-world scenarios for an athlete, an international organization or a World Sports Event.


Max Schulkens


George Ankomah


Max Rollinger

I have worked at the intersections of sports, entrepreneurship and emerging technology throughout my career so it has been an eye-opening experience to see how rapidly the sports tech landscape has grown around the world since I graduated university in 2009. I founded Sports Mobile Summit, one of the first conferences in the U.S. to focus on mobile technology in the sports industry, with events in Boston, Toronto, and Los Angeles. Now that I’m based in Boston, one of the world’s great academic hubs, I have had the opportunity to mentor students who are the next generation of tech entrepreneurs at Wentworth Institute of Technology and a number of other leading institutions in higher education.

Qatar (and the Middle East in general) is poised to emerge as an epicenter for innovation in the sports industry in areas ranging from stadium design to fan engagement technologies, so I’m thrilled to play a small role in helping to serve as a connection point between the U.S. sports community and the companies who are part of the Qatar SportsTech cohort.

My specialties are partnership and business development strategy. I like to find opportunities to connect sports tech entrepreneurs with industry leaders who have complementary skill sets and can benefit from their expertise. I’m also looking forward to advising the Qatar SportsTech cohort on opportunities to bring their technologies to the North American marketplace.


Alessandro Nuccetelli

I am an Investments & Strategy Associate as Aser, a global investment company focused on the media, sports and sports tech sectors. Aser’s current portfolio includes the historic Leeds United Football Club, international sports network Eleven Sports, digital content creator and distributor Whistle Sports, and minority stakes in other sports media and sports-tech companies. In my role, I am responsible for originating, evaluating and executing the acquisition of new businesses. I also work closely with portfolio companies helping them with their growth plans.

I am also a Mentor in the TechStars Sports Accelerator program.

Originally from Rome, I am based in London and have also lived in Madrid, Tokyo, and Moscow. I am passionate about employing my international outlook and love for sports to identify market-disruptive, early-stage investment opportunities and supporting their growth.

Qatar SportsTech is uniquely positioned to foster innovation by leveraging the 2022 FIFA World Cup, as well as the country’s active approach to modernising the sports sector. I believe the program will attract exciting start-ups with the potential to disrupt the market, and I am keen to support their growth as a Mentor.

I look forward to helping the teams optimise their business models, unlock growth opportunities and access investment.


Sebastien Gros

I am a VC investor with a passion for the sports industry, constantly looking to engage with talented entrepreneurs. I am currently Vice President of Investments & Strategy at Aser, the first European-based fund dedicated to sports investments founded by Andrea Radrizzani in London. I am responsible for the origination and execution of all potential investments, as well as working closely with portfolio companies to identify growth opportunities. Aser’s portfolio includes English Championship historic club Leeds United Football Club, global broadcaster Eleven Sports, sports influencer networks Whistle Sports and Hellodi, live-events production company Easyprod, San-Francisco based data & analytics start-up Sport Data Labs, amongst others.

I have also recently joined the Techstars Sports Accelerator program based in Indianapolis, in quality of Mentor.

Previously, I spent 3 years working for Accenture where I was part of the Corporate Strategy practice, with a special focus on TMT clients. I worked on a variety of clients and international projects across Germany, South Africa, Spain, US, and France.

Originally from Paris, I completed my Masters Degree from Grenoble Graduate School of Business between France and Australia.

We are at the very beginning of a new era for sports, leading to an incredible amount of exciting opportunities across the board. Technology is changing the way fans engage with their favourite club, viewers watch content, athletes measure their performance, etc. It is key to support the community in search for the right business model and monetisation strategy. Even more so for sports than it is for other sectors, there is a lot of room to leverage commercial synergies, providing an attractive way for investors to get on board and reduce their risk.

Aser was the first European-based funds to get involved in the sports segment by building a significant portfolio in just over 3 years, spanning sports, media and tech assets. Working across all these deals and supporting our companies with commercial and business development activities has been a great way to get exposed to a variety of approaches, business models, and go-to-market strategies. I’m hoping that the experience that I have accumulated over the years will prove useful to entrepreneurs part of the program.


Ali Khadjavi

I have over 13 years of entrepreneurship experience in the startup space from making a business from scratch to getting it acquired, raising 10 million dollars in funding and growing a team to 30, and achieving over 1 billion organic views on social media and bringing in 15 million downloads for a mobile app. I’m known for building team processes, problem-solving in everyday early-stage startups and working with influencers in making viral content

I have about 13 years of entrepreneurship experience and had my hands in a couple of tech companies. In one of them, we raised over 10 million dollars in funding, achieved over 15 million downloads via 1 billion organic views on social media and built a team of up to 30 rockstars in less than 3 years. I love building teams and processes, creating marketing strategies and finding creative ways to solve difficult problems. I feel a responsibility to give back to the startup community because I took full advantage of mentor programs when I first started.


Become a Mentor


Mentor Spotlight with Ali Khadjavi

This week, we welcome Ali Khadjavi as the newest mentor for Qatar SportsTech. Ali has over 13 years of entrepreneurship experience in the startup space from making a business from scratch to getting it acquired, raising 10 million dollars in funding and growing a team to 30, and achieving over 1 billion organic views on…

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Mentor Spotlight with Sébastien Gros

In this week’s mentor spotlight we sit down with VC investor Sébastien Gros, to hear about his journey in supporting sports tech startups. As the Vice President of Investments & Strategy at the sports investment fund Aser, Sebastien is always keeping a keen eye on the newest tech that will push the sports sector forward….

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Mentor Spotlight with Alessandro Nuccetelli

This week the QST mentor spotlight shines on a seasoned investor and an enthusiastic supporter of the SportsTech vertical. As the newest member of QST’s mentor network, Alessandro Nuccetelli is ready to help the top tier of SportsTech laser focus their business models, unlock growth opportunities and access investments. Tell us a little bit about…

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1. When can I apply to Qatar Sportstech Accelerator?

We are accepting applications from October 3rd until December 15th at midnight GMT+3.

2. How do I apply to Qatar Sportstech?

Our program has an online application form on the F6S website. Click on this link to start your application:

3. What happens after I submit my application?

Once you’ve submitted your application, our scouting team will read through it and provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

After the application period has closed on December 15, we will invite 20 startups to attend the selection days in Qatar, where Qatar Development Bank and Startupbootcamp will make the final selection of the 10 startups who will attend the program.

Keep in mind that once you accept the invitation for the selection days in Qatar, you also agree to participate in the program if your team is one of the 10 startups selected.

4. When will I know about being invited to selection days?

We aim to notify all applicants as soon as possible after the application deadline whether or not they are invited to attend the selection days. You will be informed, at the latest, one week in advance of the selection days with all the necessary practical information.

5. When and where will the Selection Days take place?

The selection days will be held at Qatar Sportstech headquarters at the Aspire Zone in Qatar in January, 2019.

About You

6. Who can apply?

For the Qatar Sportstech Accelerator, we are specifically looking for startups who are working on solving problems and creating opportunities within the sportstech industry. The basis for all of our partnerships is that we want to collaborate with people that share our values and our vision.

We are looking for you if…

You are a team of co-founders with an early-stage startup; your company has anything from a first prototype to early revenue. You may or may not have received your first funding. You are likely to be working in some of the following fields:

  • Disruptive Technologies
    E.g. IoT, VR, AR and 3D print.
  • Team Performance and Analytics
    Startups dedicated to discovering, collecting, interpreting and/or communicating meaningful patterns in sports data to allow individuals or teams to enhance their performance.
  • Venue Optimization and Management
    Startups that make the most effective use of a sports facility or its management.
  • Fan Engagement & Experience
    Startups that encourage fan involvement, both physical and virtual, by creating a better overall fan experience.
  • Sports Culture
    Startups with a focus on community, wellness and lifestyle for professional or recreational athletes.
  • Sports Tourism
    Startups that aim to commercialize or organize sports-related trips and/or holidays for participants or spectators..
  • Sports Hardware, Tools & Equipment
    Startups that create a better and more connected sports experience through the use of emerging technology
  • Sports Medical
    Startups that ensure the safety of professional and/or recreational athletes by providing relevant technology, devices and/or nutrition for the identification and/or prevention of injuries.
  • E-Sports
    Startups that enable any form of interaction and competition through electronic sporting games.

7. How many members of the team can join the program?

Up to 4 members of your team can attend Qatar Sportstech for the full 3 months.

About The Location

8. Where is Aspire Zone in Qatar?

9. Can I take part in the program without moving to Qatar?

The core team (2-4 people) of your startup are required to attend the program in Qatar for the full 3 months.

10. Do I need to stay in Qatar after the program is finished?

No. After the program, you are free to move anywhere.

11. How do I get to Qatar?

You need to fly to Hamad International Airport in Qatar.

Expenses for travelling to Qatar is not covered by Qatar Sportstech. However, the 15,000 EUR grant also cover these types of expenses.

12. Do I need a VISA to join the program in Qatar?

You will need a VISA to enter Qatar and, in most cases, a tourist VISA will suffice. Find more information here about how long your VISA will last:

Apply for a VISA here:

13. Is accomodation provided as part of the program?

No, Qatar Sportstech will not provide accommodation. However, we will help you to find accomodation. Also, we will provide free office space for your team (2-4 people) for the duration of the program.

About The Program

14. What is Qatar Sportstech accelerator?

Qatar Sportstech is a unique opportunity for your team to connect and collaborate with industry leaders, partners and mentors. Ultimately, 10 startups will qualify to participate in the 3-month accelerator program, to work closely together with the Startupbootcamp team organising the program, as well as the partners, investors and mentors who will be visiting the office space on a regular basis to offer guidance and bring value to your startup.

15. What’s the program deal?

If you are one of the 10 selected startups, you will gain direct access to partners like Aspire Zone, QDB and the World Cup Committee 2022 and many more. Furthermore, you will benefit from personal mentorship and advice from Startupbootcamp’s global network of entrepreneurs, experts & investors, receive a €15K grant to spend on developing your startup, and get your own free office space with prototype testlabs for the duration of the 3-month program.
If you are selected among the top 10 startups, the acceleratorprogram will collect 6% equity of the startup.

16. How long is the program?

Qatar Sportstech Accelerator is a 3-month program, from beginning of February, 2019 to the end of April, 2019.

17. I have other commitments, can I join the program for less than three months?

Once your startup qualifies to join the program, our partners, mentors and team are fully committed to investing in your success. So, your team is expected to be equally committed and on site for the 3 months.

18. What happens during the program?

to accelerate your startup throughout the 3-month program. Your startup will benefit from:

  • Working directly with the global partners & leaders such as innovation engineers, product category owners, innovation & creative leaders, value chain experts and professionals in sales, marketing and business development.
  • Having privileged access to Qatar Sportstech prototype and test labs.
  • Attending startup classes and workshops – tailored to your needs for building your company.
  • Receiving hands-on support from our entrepreneurs – on topics such as business development, UX, design, growth hacking and fundraising.

The program will end in April with a large Demo-Day event, where each of the 10 startups will showcase their business  and their progress during the program, to the partners, external investors and the press.

19. What is your approach to taking out equity?

Qatar Development Bank will take an equity share in the participating startups. The €15,000 is a grant for you to further develop your product and business.

20. How can people outside the program see what is happening?

There will be a Demo Day in late April at our headquarters in Qatar. To keep the focus of this day on supporting our 10 startups, this event will only be open to external investors and the press. In addition, we will share progress and learnings through our Social Media channels to spread word of the participating startups.

21. I have more questions!

Great! Please get in touch via

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