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Doha, Qatar

About the Program

Qatar Sportstech is the leading accelerator program for innovative companies in the sports industry. It is an unparalleled platform for startups to proactively scale up their business and demonstrate their product to leading corporations, leading sporting events and the ever-growing sports community.

10 Sportstech companies will be selected for this intensive 3-month program that provides one-on-one mentorship from no less than 100 industry experts, personal office space in the Aspire Zone in Doha, seed funding and direct access to a highly international network of investors and corporate partners from all corners of the sports industry.

Qatar Development Bank has joined forces with the Aspire Zone FoundationMinistry of Economy and CommerceQatar Financial Centre and Startupbootcamp to fund the Qatar Sportstech Accelerator. These key partners provide expertise, exposure, APIs and unprecedented access to their network of industry professionals from around the world.

Key Focus Areas

Sports equipment and performance enhancing clothing

Team performance and analytics

Performance analytics and usage of big data

Venue optimisation & management


Sports tourism

Fan experience and engagement incl through social media

Sports Culture

Sensors, IoT and wearables

Sports IoT, wearables and equipment

AI and machiones learning

Fan engagement and experience


Sports Medical

VR and AR


We are coming to your City, Save The Dates !!

DateEventCityRead moreStatus
12/11/2018Virtual Office HoursKenyaOpen
12/10/2018Virtual Office HoursBrazilOpen
12/07/2018Fast TrackChaivariOpen
12/05/2018Office HoursBarcelonaOpen
12/03/2018Office HoursBerlinOpen
11/28/2018Office Hours @ Money in SportGold CoastOpen
11/26/2018Fast TrackMelbourneOpen
11/26/2018Fast TrackTokyoOpen
11/23/2018Office HoursJakartaOpen
11/21/2018Office HoursSingaporeOpen
11/19/2018Fast Track @ SPAI ASIABangkokOpen
11/15/2018Fast Track @ Africa ArenaCapetownOpen
11/10/2018Office HoursNew YorkOpen
11/09/2018Office HoursTorontoOpen
11/08/2018Office Hours @ Smash EventsHelsinkiEventOpen
11/08/2018Office HoursSan Francisco - CaliforniaEventOpen
11/07/2018Office HoursLos Angeles- CaliforniaEventOpen
11/06/2018Office HoursAustin, TexasEventOpen
11/05/2018Office Hours @ WebsummitLisbonEventOpen
11/02/2018Fast TrackMadridEventOpen
10/26/2018Fast TrackLondonEventOpen
10/11/2018Office HoursLondonClosed


Applications Open

October 3

Applications Close

December 15

Selection Announced


Programme Starts


Startup Demo Day


Programme Ends

May 2

Why join the program?

Full Access

  • Gain unparalleled access to the greatest events in sports


  • Learn all the fundamentals of scaling your business straight from the experts - from business model canvas, lean methodology to fundraising.

Corporate Partners

  • Connect directly with the leading corporates in your industry to discuss pilot projects, partnership opportunities and offering services.

Dedicated Support

  • Deep dive into this intense 3-month program designed especially for entrepreneurs ready to scale their industry-changing technology businesses.

Tailored Mentorship

  • Work side-by-side with over 100 carefully-selected mentors from the Sports, innovation and business industry, providing you with hands-on support and valuable introductions.

Office space

  • Settle into your own personal office space for the duration of the program, right at the heart of the Aspire Zone in Doha.

Living Expenses

  • Receive €15,000 in cash per team to cover living expenses during the program.

Perks & Discounts

  • Benefit from €300K+ in exclusive partner deals with leading technology providers such as Amazon, HubSpot, SendGrid and many others.

Alumni Growth Program

  • Expand your skills and your network long after the accelerator program through annual alumni-only events, custom deals and tailored introductions.

Industry Events

  • Be invited to take part in leading SportsTech conferences and events for exclusive opportunities.

Access to funds

  • Meet Qatar Development Bank fund and the most active VCs and angel Investors in your industry from around the world.

Demo Day

  • Celebrate your achievements during the program at the closing event with 400+ investors, corporates, mentors, press attendees and sport entities.


Sportstech is a fast-growing domain that is complex. The business activities are ranging from ticket sales, sponsorships, and merchandising to media rights and more. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the very best in the industry, to give our startups the full backup that they need! These individuals have made the industry into what it is today and they’re eager to embrace new technologies to take the world of sports to the next level!

Founding Partner


State of Qatar

Our Team

Do you get excited about empowering entrepreneurs, bringing people together and pushing your talents to their limits? Are you creative and looking for a new challenge? You might be just the person we’re looking for!

Join our team!

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Are you passionate about innovation in the sports industry and empowering entrepreneurs to put their ideas into practice? Your insight and experiences are invaluable for our startups. We’d love to talk with you about getting involved.

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The State of SportsTech

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1. When can I apply to Qatar Sportstech Accelerator?

We are accepting applications from October 3rd until December 15th at midnight GMT+3.

2. How do I apply to Qatar Sportstech?

Our program has an online application form on the F6S website. Click on this link to start your application:

3. What happens after I submit my application?

Once you’ve submitted your application, our scouting team will read through it and provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

After the application period has closed on December 15, we will invite 20 startups to attend the selection days in Qatar, where Qatar Development Bank and Startupbootcamp will make the final selection of the 10 startups who will attend the program.

Keep in mind that once you accept the invitation for the selection days in Qatar, you also agree to participate in the program if your team is one of the 10 startups selected.

4. When will I know about being invited to selection days?

We aim to notify all applicants as soon as possible after the application deadline whether or not they are invited to attend the selection days. You will be informed, at the latest, one week in advance of the selection days with all the necessary practical information.

5. When and where will the Selection Days take place?

The selection days will be held at Qatar Sportstech headquarters at the Aspire Zone in Qatar in January, 2019.

About You

6. Who can apply?

For the Qatar Sportstech Accelerator, we are specifically looking for startups who are working on solving problems and creating opportunities within the sportstech industry. The basis for all of our partnerships is that we want to collaborate with people that share our values and our vision.

We are looking for you if…

You are a team of co-founders with an early-stage startup; your company has anything from a first prototype to early revenue. You may or may not have received your first funding. You are likely to be working in some of the following fields:

  • Disruptive Technologies
    E.g. IoT, VR, AR and 3D print.
  • Team Performance and Analytics
    Startups dedicated to discovering, collecting, interpreting and/or communicating meaningful patterns in sports data to allow individuals or teams to enhance their performance.
  • Venue Optimization and Management
    Startups that make the most effective use of a sports facility or its management.
  • Fan Engagement & Experience
    Startups that encourage fan involvement, both physical and virtual, by creating a better overall fan experience.
  • Sports Culture
    Startups with a focus on community, wellness and lifestyle for professional or recreational athletes.
  • Sports Tourism
    Startups that aim to commercialize or organize sports-related trips and/or holidays for participants or spectators..
  • Sports Hardware, Tools & Equipment
    Startups that create a better and more connected sports experience through the use of emerging technology
  • Sports Medical
    Startups that ensure the safety of professional and/or recreational athletes by providing relevant technology, devices and/or nutrition for the identification and/or prevention of injuries.
  • E-Sports
    Startups that enable any form of interaction and competition through electronic sporting games.

7. How many members of the team can join the program?

Up to 4 members of your team can attend Qatar Sportstech for the full 3 months.

About The Location

8. Where is Aspire Zone in Qatar?

9. Can I take part in the program without moving to Qatar?

The core team (2-4 people) of your startup are required to attend the program in Qatar for the full 3 months.

10. Do I need to stay in Qatar after the program is finished?

No. After the program, you are free to move anywhere.

11. How do I get to Qatar?

You need to fly to Hamad International Airport in Qatar.

Expenses for travelling to Qatar is not covered by Qatar Sportstech. However, the 15,000 EUR grant also cover these types of expenses.

12. Do I need a VISA to join the program in Qatar?

You will need a VISA to enter Qatar and, in most cases, a tourist VISA will suffice. Find more information here about how long your VISA will last:

Apply for a VISA here:

13. Is accomodation provided as part of the program?

No, Qatar Sportstech will not provide accommodation. However, we will help you to find accomodation. Also, we will provide free office space for your team (2-4 people) for the duration of the program.

About The Program

14. What is Qatar Sportstech accelerator?

Qatar Sportstech is a unique opportunity for your team to connect and collaborate with industry leaders, partners and mentors. Ultimately, 10 startups will qualify to participate in the 3-month accelerator program, to work closely together with the Startupbootcamp team organising the program, as well as the partners, investors and mentors who will be visiting the office space on a regular basis to offer guidance and bring value to your startup.

15. What’s the program deal?

If you are one of the 10 selected startups, you will gain direct access to partners like Aspire Zone, QDB and the World Cup Committee 2022 and many more. Furthermore, you will benefit from personal mentorship and advice from Startupbootcamp’s global network of entrepreneurs, experts & investors, receive a €15K grant to spend on developing your startup, and get your own free office space with prototype testlabs for the duration of the 3-month program.
If you are selected among the top 10 startups, the acceleratorprogram will collect 6% equity of the startup.

16. How long is the program?

Qatar Sportstech Accelerator is a 3-month program, from beginning of February, 2019 to the end of April, 2019.

17. I have other commitments, can I join the program for less than three months?

Once your startup qualifies to join the program, our partners, mentors and team are fully committed to investing in your success. So, your team is expected to be equally committed and on site for the 3 months.

18. What happens during the program?

to accelerate your startup throughout the 3-month program. Your startup will benefit from:

  • Working directly with the global partners & leaders such as innovation engineers, product category owners, innovation & creative leaders, value chain experts and professionals in sales, marketing and business development.
  • Having privileged access to Qatar Sportstech prototype and test labs.
  • Attending startup classes and workshops – tailored to your needs for building your company.
  • Receiving hands-on support from our entrepreneurs – on topics such as business development, UX, design, growth hacking and fundraising.

The program will end in April with a large Demo-Day event, where each of the 10 startups will showcase their business  and their progress during the program, to the partners, external investors and the press.

19. What is your approach to taking out equity?

Qatar Development Bank will take an equity share in the participating startups. The €15,000 is a grant for you to further develop your product and business.

20. How can people outside the program see what is happening?

There will be a Demo Day in late April at our headquarters in Qatar. To keep the focus of this day on supporting our 10 startups, this event will only be open to external investors and the press. In addition, we will share progress and learnings through our Social Media channels to spread word of the participating startups.

21. I have more questions!

Great! Please get in touch via

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